Licona-Vera, Y.
Licona-Vera, Y.
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The conquering of North America: dated phylogenetic and biogeographic inference of migratory behavior in bee hummingbirds
Y Licona-Vera, JF Ornelas
BMC Evolutionary Biology 17, 1-17, 2017
Genetic, Ecological and Morphological Divergence between Populations of the Endangered Mexican Sheartail Hummingbird (Doricha eliza)
Y Licona-Vera, JF Ornelas
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Comparative palaeodistribution of eight hummingbird species reveal a link between genetic diversity and Quaternary habitat and climate stability in Mexico
JF Ornelas, SG De León, C González, Y Licona-Vera, AE Ortiz-Rodriguez, ...
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Y Licona-Vera, JF Ornelas, S Wethington, KB Bryan
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Genetic Differentiation and Fragmentation in Response to Climate Change of the Narrow Endemic Psittacanthus auriculatus
JF Ornelas, Y Licona-Vera, AA Vásquez-Aguilar
Tropical Conservation Science 11, 1940082918755513, 2018
Phylogeography of the widespread white-eared hummingbird (Hylocharis leucotis): pre-glacial expansion and genetic differentiation of populations separated by …
LE Zamudio-Beltrán, Y Licona-Vera, BE Hernández-Baños, J Klicka, ...
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Lay mistletoes on the Yucatán Peninsula: post-glacial expansion and genetic differentiation of Psittacanthus mayanus (Loranthaceae)
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Tracking Host Trees: The Phylogeography of Endemic Psittacanthus sonorae (Loranthaceae) Mistletoe in the Sonoran Desert
JF Ornelas, JM García, AE Ortiz-Rodriguez, Y Licona-Vera, E Gándara, ...
Journal of Heredity 110 (2), 229-246, 2019
Molecular and climate data reveal expansion and genetic differentiation of Mexican Violet-ear Colibri thalassinus thalassinus (Aves: Trochilidae) populations …
M Hernández-Soto, Y Licona-Vera, C Lara, JF Ornelas
Journal of ornithology 159, 687-702, 2018
Phylogeography, morphology and ecological niche modelling to explore the evolutionary history of Azure-crowned Hummingbird (Amazilia cyanocephala, Trochilidae) in Mesoamerica
F Rodríguez-Gómez, Y Licona-Vera, L Silva-Cárdenas, JF Ornelas
Journal of Ornithology 162 (2), 529-547, 2021
Genetic differentiation among Psittacanthus rhynchanthus (Loranthaceae) populations: novel phylogeographic patterns in the Mesoamerican tropical lowlands
AE Ortiz-Rodriguez, Y Licona-Vera, AA Vásquez-Aguilar, ...
Plant Systematics and Evolution 306, 1-20, 2020
A new species of Stenanona (Annonaceae) endemic to Chiapas, México
AE Ortiz-Rodríguez, GE Schatz, Y Licona-Vera, E Ruíz-Sánchez
Botanical Sciences 92 (1), 37-41, 2014
Contrasting responses of generalized/specialized mistletoe-host interactions under climate change
JF Ornelas, Y Licona-Vera, AE Ortiz-Rodriguez
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Mitochondrial DNA sequences and nuclear microsatellites reveal population genetic structure of the range-restricted hummingbird Phaeoptila sordida in the Balsas …
M Hernández-Soto, Y Licona-Vera, JF Ornelas
Ornithology 140 (2), ukac059, 2023
Genetic and morphological differentiation among populations of the narrowly endemic and karst forest-adapted Pilea pteridophylla (Urticaceae)
K Lagos-Báez, Y Licona-Vera, H Gómez-Domínguez, JF Ornelas, ...
Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 1-14, 2024
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