Martin Arellano
Martin Arellano
Profesor Investigador Titular C (Universidad de Guadalajara)
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Determination of a limiting dispersed phase concentration for coalescence in PA6/HDPE blends under extensional flow
R Gonzalez-Nunez, M Arellano, FJ Moscoso, VM Gonzalez-Romero, ...
Polymer 42 (12), 5485-5489, 2001
Thermal stability of plasticized poly (vinyl chloride) compounds stabilized with pre-heated mixtures of calcium and/or zinc stearates
LJ González-Ortiz, M Arellano, CF Jasso, E Mendizábal, ...
Polymer degradation and stability 90 (1), 154-161, 2005
Effect of stearate preheating on the thermal stability of plasticized PVC compounds
LJ González-Ortiz, M Arellano, MJ Sánchez-Peña, E Mendizábal, ...
Polymer degradation and stability 91 (11), 2715-2722, 2006
Narrow size‐distribution poly (methyl methacrylate) nanoparticles made by semicontinuous heterophase polymerization
J Aguilar, M Rabelero, SM Nuño‐Donlucas, E Mendizábal, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 119 (3), 1827-1834, 2011
Compatibilization of titanium dioxide powders with non-polar media: Adsorption of anionic surfactants and its influence on dispersion stability
M Arellano, I Michel-Haciski, DL Feke, I Manas-Zloczower
Semi-continuous heterophase polymerization of n-butyl methacrylate: effect of monomer feeding rate
MG Pérez-García, M Rabelero, SM Nuño-Donlucas, E Mendizábal, ...
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A 49 (7), 539-546, 2012
Effect of coupling agent content and water absorption on the mechanical properties of coir‐agave fibers reinforced polyethylene hybrid composites
AA Pérez‐Fonseca, M Arellano, D Rodrigue, R González‐Núñez, ...
Polymer Composites 37 (10), 3015-3024, 2016
Effect of surfactant treatment on the formation of bound polymer on titanium dioxide powders
M Arellano, I Manas-Zloczower, DL Feke
Powder technology 84 (2), 117-126, 1995
Semicontinuous heterophase polymerization of methyl and hexyl methacrylates to produce latexes with high nanoparticles content
MG Pérez-García, AG Alvarado, M Rabelero, M Arellano, ...
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A 51 (2), 144-155, 2014
Assessment of the dispersibility of surfactant‐treated titanium dioxide powders for compounding with polyethylene
M Arellano, I Manas‐Zloczower, DL Feke
Polymer composites 16 (6), 489-494, 1995
Poly (hexyl methacrylate) nanoparticles templating in nanoemulsions-made by phase inversion temperature
AG Alvarado, J Nolla, M Rabelero, LA Pérez-Carrillo, M Arellano, ...
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A 50 (4), 385-391, 2013
Elongational properties and crystallization of poly (isobutylene) melts probed by synchrotron radiation
A Gonzalez-Alvarez, M Arellano, O Diat, JF Legrand, JM Piau
Revista mexicana de física 50 (5), 506-514, 2004
A novel polyacrylamide-based hydrogel crosslinked with cellulose acetate and prepared by precipitation polymerization
RO Muñoz-García, ME Hernández, GG Ortiz, VVA Fernández, ...
Química Nova 38 (8), 1031-1036, 2015
Film processability and properties of polycaprolactone/thermoplastic starch blends
DE Ramírez‐Arreola, JR Robledo‐Ortiz, F Moscoso, M Arellano, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 123 (1), 179-190, 2012
Characterization of wall slip in extrusion of ceramic pastes
J Graczyk, A Gonzalez-Alvarez, M Arellano, H Buggisch
Key Engineering Materials 206, 321-324, 2002
Rheological monitoring of curing reaction of an epoxy system: effect of heating rate
P Velazquez, A González-Alvarez, VM González-Romero, M Arellano
Polymer Bulletin 43 (6), 519-526, 2000
Synthesis, characterization, and drug delivery from pH-and thermoresponsive Poly (N-Isopropylacrylamide)/chitosan core/shell nanocomposites made by semicontinuous heterophase …
AG Alvarado, A Ortega, LA Pérez-Carrillo, I Ceja, M Arellano, RG López, ...
Journal of Nanomaterials 2017, 2017
Effect of particle size on the swelling and compression modulus of nanostructured polyacrylamide hydrogels
AG Alvarado, M Arellano, M Rabelero, JE Puig, JC Sánchez-Díaz
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A 52 (5), 381-386, 2015
The effect of synthesis methods on the mechanical properties of self‐crosslinkable poly (n‐butyl methacrylate‐co‐N‐methylolacrylamide) films
J Aguilar, E Mendizábal, SM Nuño‐Donlucas, M Arellano, JE Puig, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 121 (3), 1669-1674, 2011
Rapid starch acetylation at low temperature using iodine as catalyst
DE Ramírez‐Arreola, JR Robledo‐Ortiz, M Arellano, R González‐Núñez, ...
Macromolecular symposia 283 (1), 174-180, 2009
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