Jose Jimenez Mier y Teran
Jose Jimenez Mier y Teran
Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM
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Direct evidence from gas-phase atomic spectra for an unscreened intra-atomic origin of outer-core multiplet splittings in solid manganese compounds
B Hermsmeier, CS Fadley, MO Krause, J Jimenez-Mier, P Gerard, ...
Physical review letters 61 (22), 2592, 1988
Dynamical behavior of x-ray absorption and scattering at the L edge of titanium compounds: Experiment and theory
J Jiménez-Mier, J Van Ek, DL Ederer, TA Callcott, JJ Jia, J Carlisle, ...
Physical Review B 59 (4), 2649, 1999
Photoexcited K Auger spectra of atomic and molecular oxygen
CD Caldwell, Schaphorst, SJ, MO Krause, J Jimenez-Mier
J. Electron. Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom 67, 243, 1994
Evidence for atomic features in the decay of resonantly excited molecular oxygen
SJ Schaphorst, CD Caldwell, MO Krause, J Jiménez-Mier
Chemical physics letters 213 (3-4), 315-320, 1993
Photoexcited K Auger spectra of atomic and molecular oxygen
CD Caldwell, SJ Schaphorst, MO Krause, J Jiménez-Mier
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena 67 (2), 243-259, 1994
Energy dependence of the outer core-level multiplet structures in atomic Mn and Mn-containing compounds
BD Hermsmeier, CS Fadley, B Sinkovic, MO Krause, J Jimenez-Mier, ...
Physical Review B 48 (17), 12425, 1993
Angular Distribution of Fluorescence from Photoionization-Produced
J Jiménez-Mier, CD Caldwell, DL Ederer
Physical review letters 57 (18), 2260, 1986
Direct probe of Mott-Hubbard to charge-transfer insulator transition and electronic structure evolution in transition-metal systems
P Olalde-Velasco, J Jiménez-Mier, JD Denlinger, Z Hussain, WL Yang
Physical Review B 83 (24), 241102, 2011
Partial and total cross sections and multiplet structure in the photoionization of atomic manganese
J Jiménez-Mier, MO Krause, P Gerard, B Hermsmeier, CS Fadley
Physical Review A 40 (7), 3712, 1989
Autoionizing resonances 4d→nl in cadmium
J Jimenez-Mier, CD Caldwell, MO Krause
Physical Review A 39 (1), 95, 1989
Structural and morphology comparison between m-LaVO4 and LaVO3 compounds prepared by sol–gel acrylamide polymerization and solid state reaction
G Herrera, E Chavira, J Jiménez-Mier, A Ordoñez, E Fregoso-Israel, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 479 (1-2), 511-519, 2009
Contribution of the instrument window function to the profile of autoionizing resonances
J Jimenez-Mier
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 51 (5), 741-749, 1994
Layered-structural monoclinic–orthorhombic perovskite La2Ti2O7 to orthorhombic LaTiO3 phase transition and their microstructure characterization
G Herrera, J Jiménez-Mier, E Chavira
Materials Characterization 89, 13-22, 2014
Synthesis and structural characterization of YVO3 prepared by sol–gel acrylamide polymerization and solid state reaction methods
G Herrera, E Chavira, J Jimenez-Mier, L Banos, J Guzmán, C Flores
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 46 (1), 1-10, 2008
Photoionization of atomic oxygen at the multiplet term level from 20 to 212 eV
SJ Schaphorst, MO Krause, CD Caldwell, HP Saha, M Pahler, ...
Physical Review A 52 (6), 4656, 1995
Atomic multiplets at the edge of 3 transition metals and the ligand K edge in x-ray absorption spectroscopy of ionic systems
P Olalde-Velasco, J Jiménez-Mier, J Denlinger, WL Yang
Physical Review B 87 (24), 245136, 2013
High-resolution photoelectron spectrometric analysis of the decay of the 4p excitations in atomic strontium
J Jiménez-Mier, CD Caldwell, MG Flemming, SB Whitfield, ...
Physical Review A 48 (1), 442, 1993
Investigations on the photoionization of the core levels of nitrous oxide
FA Grimm, TA Carlson, J Jiménez-Mier, B Yates, JW Taylor, BP Pullen
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena 47, 257-269, 1988
Novel sol–gel methodology to produce LaCoO3 by acrylamide polymerization assisted by γ-irradiation
G Carabalí, E Chavira, I Castro, E Bucio, L Huerta, J Jiménez-Mier
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 81 (5), 512-518, 2012
Polarized velocity selective spectroscopy of atomic rubidium using counterpropagating beams
A Hernández-Hernández, E Méndez-Martínez, A Reyes-Reyes, ...
Optics Communications 282 (5), 887-891, 2009
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