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Chiara Maccato
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Efficient water oxidation at carbon nanotube–polyoxometalate electrocatalytic interfaces
FM Toma, A Sartorel, M Iurlo, M Carraro, P Parisse, C Maccato, S Rapino, ...
Nature chemistry 2 (10), 826-831, 2010
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D Barreca, E Comini, AP Ferrucci, A Gasparotto, C Maccato, C Maragno, ...
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F-Doped Co3O4 Photocatalysts for Sustainable H2 Generation from Water/Ethanol
A Gasparotto, D Barreca, D Bekermann, A Devi, RA Fischer, P Fornasiero, ...
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D Bekermann, A Gasparotto, D Barreca, C Maccato, E Comini, C Sada, ...
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Chiral Strandberg‐Type Molybdates [(RPO3)2Mo5O15]2− as Molecular Gelators: Self‐Assembled Fibrillar Nanostructures with Enhanced Optical Activity
M Carraro, A Sartorel, G Scorrano, C Maccato, MH Dickman, U Kortz, ...
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LaCoO3: Effect of synthesis conditions on properties and reactivity
MM Natile, E Ugel, C Maccato, A Glisenti
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Enhanced Hydrogen Production by Photoreforming of Renewable Oxygenates Through Nanostructured Fe2O3 Polymorphs
G Carraro, C Maccato, A Gasparotto, T Montini, S Turner, OI Lebedev, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (3), 372-378, 2014
Novel Synthesis and Gas Sensing Performances of CuO–TiO2 Nanocomposites Functionalized with Au Nanoparticles
D Barreca, G Carraro, E Comini, A Gasparotto, C Maccato, C Sada, ...
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AA Isse, S Gottardello, C Maccato, A Gennaro
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M Casarin, C Maccato, A Vittadini
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CrystEngComm 12 (11), 3419-3421, 2010
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