Rurik Farías
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Magnetic susceptibility studies of the spin-glass and Verwey transitions in magnetite nanoparticles
KL Lopez Maldonado, P De La Presa, E Flores Tavizón, ...
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Multiferroic response of nanocrystalline lithium niobate
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Cellulose-based polymer composite with carbon black for tetrahydrofuran sensing
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Optical Properties of Bio-inspired Silver Sulfide Structures
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Relaxor ferroelectricity, ferromagnetic and optical second harmonic properties in lanthanum lithium niobate (La0. 05Li0. 85NbO3) nanoparticles
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Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy in nanofibers mats of SiO2-TiO2-Ag
JH Roque-Ruiz, H Martínez-Máynez, MA Zalapa-Garibay, ...
Results in physics 7, 2520-2527, 2017
Comparison of HfCl4, HfI4, TEMA-Hf, and TDMA-Hf as precursors in early growing stages of HfO2 films deposited by ALD: A DFT study
M Cortez-Valadez, C Fierro, JR Farias-Mancilla, A Vargas-Ortiz, ...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline/Magnetite Nanocomposite
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Experimental evidence of a non-relationship between photorefractive inhibition and photoconductivity increase in LiNbO3: Mg
S González-Martínez, J Castillo-Torres, JG Murillo, R Farías
Optics Communications 282 (6), 1212-1219, 2009
ZnTe semiconductor nanoparticles: A chemical approach of the mechanochemical synthesis
H Rojas-Chávez, JL González-Domínguez, R Román-Doval, ...
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 86, 128-138, 2018
Effect of size and composition on the second harmonic generation from lithium niobate powders at different excitation wavelengths
O Sánchez-Dena, EV García-Ramírez, CD Fierro-Ruiz, ...
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Synthesis of hierarchical dorsal spine Ag 2 S structures by a solid-vapor reaction: the effect of reagent gas composition
JA Muniz-Lerma, JF Hernández-Paz, JR Farias-Mancilla, PE Casillas, ...
Journal of Nanomaterials 2012, 56, 2012
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