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Sandalphon, YJ Yao, JF Wang, H. Röckel, L. Erskine, and N. Peyghambarian
B Kippelen, SR Marder, E Hendrickx, JL Maldonado, G Guillemet, ...
Science 279 (54), 66, 1998
Luminogenic materials constructed from tetraphenylethene building blocks: Synthesis, aggregation-induced emission, two-photon absorption, light refraction, and explosive detection
R Hu, JL Maldonado, M Rodriguez, C Deng, CKW Jim, JWY Lam, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (1), 232-240, 2012
Electron-transport properties and use in organic light-emitting diodes of a bis (dioxaborine) fluorene derivative
B Domercq, C Grasso, JL Maldonado, M Halik, S Barlow, SR Marder, ...
The Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 108 (25), 8647-8651, 2004
Optical design of transparent thin metal electrodes to enhance in‐coupling and trapping of light in flexible polymer solar cells
JF Salinas, HL Yip, CC Chueh, CZ Li, JL Maldonado, AKY Jen
Advanced Materials 24 (47), 6362-6367, 2012
Stereoselective synthesis, efficient light emission, and high bipolar charge mobility of chiasmatic luminogens
Z Zhao, JWY Lam, CYK Chan, S Chen, J Liu, P Lu, M Rodriguez, ...
Advanced Materials 23 (45), 5430-5435, 2011
Infra-red photorefractive polymers and their applications for imaging
B Kippelen, SR Marder, E Hendrickx, JL Maldonado, G Guillemet, ...
Science 279 (54), 66, 1998
Thermally stable high-gain photorefractive polymer composites based on a tri-functional chromophore
E Hendrickx, J Herlocker, JL Maldonado, SR Marder, B Kippelen, ...
Applied physics letters 72 (14), 1679-1681, 1998
Synthesis and characterization of highly efficient photorefractive polymers composites with long phase stability
BKNP E. Hendrickx, J.F. Wang, J. L. Maldonado, B.L. Volodin, Sandalphon, E.A ...
Macromolecules 31, 734, 1998
UV–vis absorption spectroscopy and multivariate analysis as a method to discriminate tequila
O Barbosa-García, G Ramos-Ortiz, JL Maldonado, JL Pichardo-Molina, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 66 (1 …, 2007
Phase stability of guest/host photorefractive polymers studied by light scattering experiments
E Hendrickx, BL Volodin, DD Steele, JL Maldonado, JF Wang, B Kippelen, ...
Applied physics letters 71 (9), 1159-1161, 1997
Screening method for identification of adulterate and fake tequilas by using UV–VIS spectroscopy and chemometrics
U Contreras, O Barbosa-García, JL Pichardo-Molina, G Ramos-Ortíz, ...
Food research international 43 (10), 2356-2362, 2010
Gigantic two-photon absorption cross sections and strong two-photon excited fluorescence in pyrene core dendrimers with fluorene/carbazole as dendrons and acetylene as linkages
Y Wan, L Yan, Z Zhao, X Ma, Q Guo, M Jia, P Lu, G Ramos-Ortiz, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (36), 11737-11745, 2010
Effect of substitution on the hole mobility of bis (diarylamino) biphenyl derivatives doped in poly (styrene)
JL Maldonado, M Bishop, C Fuentes-Hernandez, P Caron, B Domercq, ...
Chemistry of materials 15 (4), 994-999, 2003
Luminescent properties and energy transfer processes of co-doped Yb–Er poly-crystalline YAG matrix
S Hinojosa, O Barbosa-Garcı́a, MA Meneses-Nava, JL Maldonado, ...
Optical Materials 27 (12), 1839-1844, 2005
Synthesis, crystal structure and non-linear optical properties of boronates derivatives of salicylideniminophenols
BM Muñoz, R Santillan, M Rodríguez, JM Méndez, M Romero, N Farfán, ...
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 693 (7), 1321-1334, 2008
Lycopene content and color index of tomatoes are affected by the greenhouse cover
L Jarquín-Enríquez, EM Mercado-Silva, JL Maldonado, J Lopez-Baltazar
Scientia Horticulturae 155, 43-48, 2013
Synthesis and non-linear optical characterization of novel borinate derivatives of cinnamaldehyde
M Rodríguez, JL Maldonado, G Ramos-Ortíz, JF Lamère, PG Lacroix, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 33 (8), 1693-1702, 2009
A Schiff base derivative from cinnamaldehyde for colorimetric detection of Ni2+ in water
D Peralta-Domínguez, M Rodríguez, G Ramos-Ortíz, JL Maldonado, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 207, 511-517, 2015
Two-photon excited fluorescence of silica nanoparticles loaded with a fluorene-based monomer and its cross-conjugated polymer: their application to cell imaging
L Aparicio-Ixta, G Ramos-Ortiz, JL Pichardo-Molina, JL Maldonado, ...
Nanoscale 4 (24), 7751-7759, 2012
On the use of Woods metal for fabricating and testing polymeric organic solar cells: An easy and fast method
JF Salinas, JL Maldonado, G Ramos-Ortíz, M Rodríguez, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95 (2), 595-601, 2011
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