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Optical fiber sensor based on localized surface plasmon resonance using silver nanoparticles photodeposited on the optical fiber end
J Ortega-Mendoza, A Padilla-Vivanco, C Toxqui-Quitl, P Zaca-Morán, ...
Sensors 14 (10), 18701-18710, 2014
High-precision and fast computation of Jacobi–Fourier moments for image description
C Camacho-Bello, C Toxqui-Quitl, A Padilla-Vivanco, JJ Báez-Rojas
JOSA A 31 (1), 124-134, 2014
Multifocus image fusion using the Haar wavelet transform
C Toxqui-Quitl, A Padilla-Vivanco, G Urcid-Serrano
Applications of Digital Image Processing XXVII 5558, 796-803, 2004
Marangoni force-driven manipulation of photothermally-induced microbubbles
JG Ortega-Mendoza, JA Sarabia-Alonso, P Zaca-Morán, ...
Optics express 26 (6), 6653-6662, 2018
Reconstruction of color biomedical images by means of quaternion generic Jacobi-Fourier moments in the framework of polar pixels
C Camacho-Bello, A Padilla-Vivanco, C Toxqui-Quitl, JJ Báez-Rojas
Journal of Medical Imaging 3 (1), 014004, 2016
Multifocus microscope color image fusion based on Daub (2) and Daub (4) kernels of the Daubechies Wavelet family
A Padilla-Vivanco, I Tellez-Arriaga, C Toxqui-Quitl, C Santiago-Tepantlan
Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXII 7443, 744327, 2009
Color image reconstruction using quaternion Legendre-Fourier moments in polar pixels
C Camacho-Bello, JJ Báez-Rojas, C Toxqui-Quitl, A Padilla-Vivanco
2014 international conference on mechatronics, electronics and automotive …, 2014
Optimized restoration of wavefront coded images
C Toxqui-Quitl, E Acosta, J Arines, A Padilla-Vivanco
Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering XV 9192, 91921J, 2014
Generic orthogonal moments and applications
C Camacho-Bello, C Toxqui-Quitl, A Padilla-Vivanco, GA Papakostas
Moments and Moment Invariants, 175-204, 2014
Biometric analysis of the palm vein distribution by means two different techniques of feature extraction
R Castro-Ortega, C Toxqui-Quitl, J Solís-Villarreal, A Padilla-Vivanco, ...
Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXVII 9217, 92171W, 2014
Autofocusing in microscopy systems using graphics processing units
JC Valdiviezo-N, J Hernández-Tapia, L Mera-González, C Toxqui-Quitl, ...
Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXVI 8856, 88562K, 2013
Gray-level image reconstruction using Bessel-Fourier moments
C Toxqui-Quitl, L Gutierrez-Lazcano, A Padilla-Vivanco, ...
22nd Congress of the International Commission for Optics: Light for the …, 2011
Photofusion and disaggregation of silver nanoparticles suspended in ethanol by laser irradiation
G Ortega-Mendoza, O Goiz, A Padilla-Vivanco, C Toxqui-Quitl, ...
Current Nanoscience 14 (1), 50-53, 2018
Photodeposition of SWCNTs onto the optical fiber end to assemble a Q-switched Er3+-doped fiber laser
JG Ortega-Mendoza, E Kuzin, P Zaca-Morán, F Chávez, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 91, 32-35, 2017
Detecting jaundice by using digital image processing
J Castro-Ramos, C Toxqui-Quitl, FV Manriquez, E Orozco-Guillen, ...
Three-Dimensional and Multidimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and …, 2014
Multifocus image fusion using Zernike moments
C Toxqui-Quitl, E Velázquez-Ramírez, A Padilla-Vivanco, ...
Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXV 8499, 849921, 2012
Gait Recognition by Jacobi-Fourier Moments
C Camacho-Bello, C Toxqui-Quitl, A Padilla-Vivanco
Frontiers in Optics, JTuA19, 2011
Classification of mechanical parts using an optical-digital system and the Jacobi-Fourier moments
C Toxqui-Quitl, A Padilla-Vivanco, J Baez-Rojas
Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection VI 7389, 738934, 2009
Multifocus microscope image fusion analysis based on Daubechies wavelets
A Padilla-Vivanco, C Toxqui-Quitl, C Santiago-Tepantlan
Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection VI 7389, 73893G, 2009
Classification of motion-blurred images using Zernike and wavelet-Fourier moments
C Toxqui-Quitl, A Padilla-Vivanco, F Granados-Agustín
Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing XIII 6748, 67481L, 2007
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