Francisco Javier Sierra-Valdez
Francisco Javier Sierra-Valdez
Tecnológico de Monterrey
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Dietary fatty acids fine-tune Piezo1 mechanical response
LO Romero, AE Massey, AD Mata-Daboin, FJ Sierra-Valdez, ...
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Omega-3 fatty acids modulate TRPV4 function through plasma membrane remodeling
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Structure–function analyses of the ion channel TRPC3 reveal that its cytoplasmic domain allosterically modulates channel gating
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FJ Sierra-Valdez, JC Ruiz-Suárez, I Delint-Ramirez
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Linoleic acid improves PIEZO2 dysfunction in a mouse model of Angelman Syndrome
LO Romero, R Caires, A Kaitlyn Victor, J Ramirez, FJ Sierra-Valdez, ...
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A thermal study of cellular motility by optical time-resolved correlation
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Noble gases in pure lipid membranes
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The cut-off effect of n-alcohols in lipid rafts: A lipid-dependent phenomenon☆
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R Caires, FJ Sierra-Valdez, JRM Millet, JD Herwig, E Roan
Omega-3 fatty acids modulate TRPV4 function through plasma membrane …, 0
Ca2+-mediated enhancement of anesthetic diffusion across phospholipid multilamellar systems
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Synthesis of Phosphatidylcholines Possessing Functionalized Acids at sn-2, and 13C–14N and 13C–31P Couplings in Their 13C NMR Spectra
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Structural and Functional Analyses of TRPC3 Reveal Allosteric Gating Modulation by the Cytoplasmic Domain
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Purification and reconstitution of TRPV1 for spectroscopic analysis
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