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The Burmese python genome reveals the molecular basis for extreme adaptation in snakes
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Rapid identification of thousands of copperhead snake (Agkistrodon contortrix) microsatellite loci from modest amounts of 454 shotgun genome sequence
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Comparative phylogeography of pitvipers suggests a consensus of ancient Middle American highland biogeography
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Cenozoic biogeography and evolution in direct-developing frogs of Central America (Leptodactylidae: Eleutherodactylus) as inferred from a phylogenetic analysis of nuclear and …
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Complex evolution in the Neotropics: The origin and diversification of the widespread genus Leptodeira (Serpentes: Colubridae)
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Sequencing the genome of the Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus) as a model for studying extreme adaptations in snakes
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Phylogeographic and population genetic analyses reveal multiple species of Boa and independent origins of insular dwarfism
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Higher-level phylogeny of Asian and American coralsnakes, their placement within the Elapidae (Squamata), and the systematic affinities of the enigmatic Asian coralsnake …
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Generalized frequency coding: a method of preparing polymorphic multistate characters for phylogenetic analysis
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Rampant Horizontal Transfer of SPIN Transposons in Squamate Reptiles
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Neuromuscular activity of the venoms of the Colombian coral snakes Micrurus dissoleucus and Micrurus mipartitus: An evolutionary perspective
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Phylogenetic relationships of the enigmatic longtailed rattlesnakes (Crotalus ericsmithi, C. lannomi, and C. stejnegeri)
J Reyes-Velasco, JM Meik, EN Smith, TA Castoe
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A new frog of the genus Ptychohyla (Hylidae) from the Sierra de Santa Cruz, Guatemala, and description of a new genus of Middle American stream-breeding treefrogs
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Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a taxonomically unstable ranid from Sumatra, Indonesia, reveals a new genus with gastromyzophorous tadpoles and two new species
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Isolation, characterization, cloning and expression of an alpha-neurotoxin from the venom of the Mexican coral snake Micrurus laticollaris (Squamata: Elapidae)
A Carbajal-Saucedo, E López-Vera, M Bénard-Valle, EN Smith, ...
Toxicon 66, 64-74, 2013
New salamanders (Caudata: Plethodontidae) from Guatemala, with miscellaneous notes on known species
JA CAMPbELL, EN Smith, J Streicher, ME Acevedo, ED Brodie Jr
Genetic surfing, not allopatric divergence, explains spatial sorting of mitochondrial haplotypes in venomous coralsnakes
JW Streicher, JP McEntee, LC Drzich, DC Card, DR Schield, U Smart, ...
Evolution 70 (7), 1435-1449, 2016
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