Santiago Benitez-Vieyra
Santiago Benitez-Vieyra
Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - CONICET)
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Pollinator‐mediated selection on floral traits and size of floral display in Cyclopogon elatus, a sweat bee‐pollinated orchid
S Benitez‐Vieyra, AM Medina, E Glinos, AA Cocucci
Functional Ecology 20 (6), 948-957, 2006
A simple floral fragrance and unusual osmophore structure in Cyclopogon elatus (Orchidaceae)
AP Wiemer, M More, S Benitez‐Vieyra, AA Cocucci, RA Raguso, ...
Plant Biology 11 (4), 506-514, 2009
Flores del centro de Argentina: una guía ilustrada para conocer 141 especies típicas
A Sérsic, AA Cocucci, S Benítez-Vieyra, A Cosacov, L Díaz, E Glinos, ...
Academia Nacional de Ciencias,, 2010
Selection on signal–reward correlation: limits and opportunities to the evolution of deceit in Turnera ulmifolia L.
S Benitez‐Vieyra, M Ordano, J Fornoni, K Boege, CA Domínguez
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23 (12), 2760-2767, 2010
Variable selection patterns on the labellum shape of Geoblasta pennicillata, a sexually deceptive orchid
S Benitez‐Vieyra, AM Medina, AA Cocucci
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22 (11), 2354-2362, 2009
First confirmed case of pseudocopulation in terrestrial orchids of South America: pollination of Geoblasta pennicillata (Orchidaceae) by Campsomeris bistrimacula (Hymenoptera …
L Ciotek, P Giorgis, S Benitez-Vieyra, AA Cocucci
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 201 (5), 365-369, 2006
Beyond neutral and forbidden links: morphological matches and the assembly of mutualistic hawkmoth–plant networks
FD Sazatornil, M More, S Benitez‐Vieyra, AA Cocucci, IJ Kitching, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (6), 1586-1594, 2016
How to look like a mallow: evidence of floral mimicry between Turneraceae and Malvaceae
S Benitez-Vieyra, NH De Ibarra, AM Wertlen, AA Cocucci
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1623), 2239-2248, 2007
Armament Imbalances: Match and Mismatch in Plant-Pollinator Traits of Highly Specialized Long-Spurred Orchids.
M Moré, FW Amorim, S Benitez-Vieyra, AM Medina, M Sazima, ...
PLoS ONE 7 (7), e41878, 2012
The evolution of signal–reward correlations in bee- and hummingbird-pollinated species of Salvia
S Benitez-Vieyra, J Fornoni, J Pérez-Alquicira, K Boege, CA Dominguez
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1782), 20132934, 2014
Exploring the ontogenetic scaling hypothesis during the diversification of pollination syndromes in Caiophora (Loasaceae, subfam. Loasoideae)
MM Strelin, S Benitez-Vieyra, J Fornoni, CP Klingenberg, AA Cocucci
Annals of botany 117 (5), 937-947, 2016
Phylogeny of the Neotropical sages (Salvia subg. Calosphace; Lamiaceae) and insights into pollinator and area shifts
I Fragoso-Martínez, M Martínez-Gordillo, GA Salazar, F Sazatornil, ...
Plant Systematics and Evolution 304 (1), 43-55, 2018
Temporal variation in the selection on floral traits in Cyclopogon elatus (Orchidaceae)
S Benitez-Vieyra, E Glinos, AM Medina, AA Cocucci
Evolutionary Ecology 26 (6), 1451-1468, 2012
The evolution of floral ontogenetic allometry in the Andean genus Caiophora (Loasaceae, subfam. Loasoideae)
MM Strelin, S Benitez‐Vieyra, J Fornoni, CP Klingenberg, A Cocucci
Evolution & development 20 (1), 29-39, 2018
Flower reshaping in the transition to hummingbird pollination in Loasaceae subfam. Loasoideae despite absence of corolla tubes or spurs
MM Strelin, S Benitez-Vieyra, M Ackermann, AA Cocucci
Evolutionary ecology 30 (3), 401-417, 2016
Patrones de depósito de polen sobre el cuerpo de los polinizadores en comunidades esfingófilas de Argentina subtropical
M Moré, S Benitez-Vieyra, AN Sérsic, AA Cocucci
Darwiniana, nueva serie 2 (1), 174-196, 2014
Drift effects on the multivariate floral phenotype of Calceolaria polyrhiza during a post‐glacial expansion in Patagonia
CC Maubecin, A Cosacov, AN Sérsic, J Fornoni, S Benitez‐Vieyra
Journal of evolutionary biology 29 (8), 1523-1534, 2016
Functional modularity in a forcible flower mechanism: relationships among morphology, biomechanical features and fitness
SA Córdoba, S Benitez-Vieyra, AA Cocucci
Evolutionary ecology 29 (5), 719-732, 2015
Pericarpial nectary-visiting ants do not provide fruit protection against pre-dispersal seed predators regardless of ant species composition and resource availability
PA Sanz-Veiga, LR Jorge, S Benitez-Vieyra, FW Amorim
PloS one 12 (12), 2017
Changes in Diachasmimorpha longicaudata (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) Functional Response as a Consequence of Host Density Choice
SR Núñez-Campero, S Benitez-Vieyra, DE Gorla, SM Ovruski
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 109 (5), 730-736, 2016
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