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Coaxial Triple‐Layered versus Helical Be6B11 Clusters: Dual Structural Fluxionality and Multifold Aromaticity
JC Guo, LY Feng, YJ Wang, S Jalife, A Vásquez‐Espinal, JL Cabellos, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (34), 10174-10177, 2017
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S Jalife, L Liu, S Pan, JL Cabellos, E Osorio, C Lu, T Heine, KJ Donald, ...
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Multiscale modeling of enzymes: QM‐cluster, QM/MM, and QM/MM/MD: A tutorial review
S Ahmadi, L Barrios Herrera, M Chehelamirani, J Hostaš, S Jalife, ...
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S Pan, J Barroso, S Jalife, T Heine, KR Asmis, G Merino
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Li2B12 and Li3B12: Prediction of the Smallest Tubular and Cage‐like Boron Structures
X Dong, S Jalife, A Vásquez‐Espinal, E Ravell, S Pan, JL Cabellos, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (17), 4627-4631, 2018
Structure and Stability of (NG)nCN3Be3+ Clusters and Comparison with (NG)BeY0/+
S Pan, S Jalife, RM Kumar, V Subramanian, G Merino, PK Chattaraj
ChemPhysChem 14 (11), 2511-2517, 2013
Attractive Xe–Li interaction in Li-decorated clusters
S Pan, S Jalife, J Romero, A Reyes, G Merino, PK Chattaraj
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Li 2 B 24: the simplest combination for a three-ring boron tube
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Structure and Bonding in CE5 (E=Al–Tl) Clusters: Planar Tetracoordinate Carbon versus Pentacoordinate Carbon
E Ravell, S Jalife, J Barroso, M Orozco‐Ic, G Hernández‐Juárez, ...
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 13 (11), 1467-1473, 2018
B 10 M 2 (M= Rh, Ir): finally a stable boron-based icosahedral cluster
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Noble gas endohedral fullerenes
S Jalife, J Arcudia, S Pan, G Merino
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Breaking the isolated pentagon rule by encapsulating Xe2 in C60: The guest defines the shape of the host
S Jalife, S Mondal, JL Cabellos, S Pan, MA Mendez-Rojas, I Fernández, ...
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The 9-homocubyl cation rearrangement revisited
S Jalife, I Judy, C Wu, G Martínez-Guajardo, P von Ragué Schleyer, ...
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The inorganic analogues of carbo-benzene
S Jalife, M Audiffred, R Islas, S Escalante, S Pan, PK Chattaraj, G Merino
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Modulation of an Anagostic Interaction in SiPSi-Type Pincer Platinum Complexes
J Zamora-Moreno, F Murillo, MA Munoz-Hernandez, M Grellier, S Pan, ...
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S Jalife, S Mondal, JL Cabellos, G Martinez-Guajardo, ...
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Mechanistic Elucidation of the 2‐Norbornyl to 1, 3‐Dimethylcyclopentenyl Cation Isomerization
S Jalife, G Martínez‐Guajardo, C Zavala‐Oseguera, ...
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014 (35), 7955-7959, 2014
Back to basics: identification of reaction intermediates in the mechanism of a classic ligand substitution reaction on Vaska's complex
CJ Durango-García, S Jalife, JL Cabellos, SH Martínez, ...
RSC advances 6 (4), 3386-3392, 2016
On the nature of CH62+
S Jalife, R Grande-Aztatzi, D Morenoa, MA Fernández-Herrera, E Osorio, ...
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