Francisco Paraguay Delgado
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Growth, structure and optical characterization of high quality ZnO thin films obtained by spray pyrolysis
E Andrade, M Miki-Yoshida
Thin Solid Films 350 (1-2), 192-202, 1999
Influence of Al, In, Cu, Fe and Sn dopants on the response of thin film ZnO gas sensor to ethanol vapour
M Miki-Yoshida, J Morales, J Solis
Thin Solid Films 373 (1-2), 137-140, 2000
Influence of Al, In, Cu, Fe and Sn dopants in the microstructure of zinc oxide thin films obtained by spray pyrolysis
J Morales, E Andrade, M Miki-Yoshida
Thin Solid Films 366 (1-2), 16-27, 2000
Study of carbon nanotubes synthesis by spray pyrolysis and model of growth
A Aguilar-Elguezabal, W Antúnez, G Alonso, F Delgado, F Espinosa, ...
Diamond and related materials 15 (9), 1329-1335, 2006
Structure and morphology of high quality indium-doped ZnO films obtained by spray pyrolysis
M Miki-Yoshida, F Paraguay-Delgado, W Estrada-Lopez, E Andrade
Thin Solid Films 376 (1-2), 99-109, 2000
Structural analysis and growing mechanisms for long SnO2 nanorods synthesized by spray pyrolysis
F Paraguay-Delgado, W Antúnez-Flores, M Miki-Yoshida, ...
Nanotechnology 16 (6), 688, 2005
Synthesis and characterization of WO3 nanostructures prepared by an aged-hydrothermal method
R Huirache-Acuña, F Paraguay-Delgado, MA Albiter, J Lara-Romero, ...
Materials characterization 60 (9), 932-937, 2009
Ni (Co)-Mo-W sulphide unsupported HDS catalysts by ex situ decomposition of alkylthiomolybdotungstates
R Huirache-Acuna, MA Albiter, C Ornelas, F Paraguay-Delgado, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 308, 134-142, 2006
Synthesis of MoS2 nanorods and their catalytic test in the HDS of dibenzothiophene
MA Albiter, R Huirache-Acuna, F Paraguay-Delgado, JL Rico, ...
Nanotechnology 17 (14), 3473, 2006
Formation of Cu2SnS3 thin film by the heat treatment of electrodeposited SnS–Cu layers
NR Mathews, JT Benítez, F Paraguay-Delgado, M Pal, L Huerta
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 24 (10), 4060-4067, 2013
Antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) thin films by pulse electrodeposition: Effect of thermal treatment on structural, optical and electrical properties
RGA Garcia, CAM Avendaño, M Pal, FP Delgado, NR Mathews
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 44, 91-100, 2016
Synthesis of Ni–Mo–W sulphide catalysts by ex situ decomposition of trimetallic precursors
R Huirache-Acuna, MA Albiter, J Espino, C Ornelas, G Alonso-Nunez, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 304, 124-130, 2006
Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanorod films for photocatalytic disinfection of contaminated water
J Rodríguez, F Paraguay-Delgado, A López, J Alarcón, W Estrada
Thin Solid Films 519 (2), 729-735, 2010
Synthesis of CuS nanoparticles by a wet chemical route and their photocatalytic activity
M Pal, NR Mathews, E Sanchez-Mora, U Pal, F Paraguay-Delgado, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 17 (7), 301, 2015
Bimetallic Pt–Au nanoparticles supported on multi-wall carbon nanotubes as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction
RM Félix-Navarro, M Beltrán-Gastélum, EA Reynoso-Soto, ...
Renewable Energy 87, 31-41, 2016
Morphology and microstructure of textured SnO2 thin films obtained by spray pyrolysis and their effect on electrical and optical properties
F Paraguay-Delgado, M Miki-Yoshida, W Antunez, ...
Thin solid films 516 (6), 1104-1111, 2008
Size effect of SnO2 nanoparticles on bacteria toxicity and their membrane damage
A Chávez-Calderón, F Paraguay-Delgado, E Orrantia-Borunda, ...
Chemosphere 165, 33-40, 2016
Chitosan-starch films with natural extracts: Physical, chemical, morphological and thermal properties
J Lozano-Navarro, N Díaz-Zavala, C Velasco-Santos, J Melo-Banda, ...
Materials 11 (1), 120, 2018
Effect of γ-irradiation on the growth of ZnO nanorod films for photocatalytic disinfection of contaminated water
J Alarcón, S Ponce, F Paraguay-Delgado, J Rodríguez
Journal of colloid and interface science 364 (1), 49-55, 2011
Sentinel surveillance of influenza-like-illness in two cities of the tropical country of Ecuador: 2006–2010
RW Douce, W Aleman, W Chicaiza-Ayala, C Madrid, M Sovero, ...
Plos one 6 (8), e22206, 2011
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