Rainer Schmidt
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Effects of sintering temperature on the internal barrier layer capacitor (IBLC) structure in CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) ceramics
R Schmidt, MC Stennett, NC Hyatt, J Pokorny, J Prado-Gonjal, M Li, ...
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Impedance spectroscopy of epitaxial multiferroic thin films
R Schmidt, W Eerenstein, T Winiecki, FD Morrison, PA Midgley
Physical Review B 75 (24), 245111, 2007
Small polaron hopping in spinel manganates
R Schmidt, A Basu, AW Brinkman
Physical Review B 72 (11), 115101, 2005
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis, Microstructure, and Physical Properties of Rare-Earth Chromites
J Prado-Gonjal, R Schmidt, JJ Romero, D Ávila, U Amador, E Morán
Inorganic Chemistry, 2012
Production of NTCR thermistor devices based on NiMn2O4+δ
R Schmidt, A Basu, AW Brinkman
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 24 (6), 1233-1236, 2004
Electron-hopping modes in NiMn2O4+δ materials.
R Schmidt, A Basu, AW Brinkman, Z Klusek, PK Datta
Applied physics letters. 86 (7), 073501, 2005
Magnetoimpedance spectroscopy of epitaxial multiferroic thin films
R Schmidt, J Ventura, E Langenberg, NM Nemes, C Munuera, M Varela, ...
Physical Review B 86 (3), 035113, 2012
Anomalous Increase of Dielectric Permittivity in Sr-Doped CCTO Ceramics Ca1− xSrxCu3Ti4O12 (0≤ x≤ 0.2)
R Schmidt, DC Sinclair
Chemistry of Materials 22 (1), 6-8, 2009
Non-stoichiometry in “CaCu3Ti4O12”(CCTO) ceramics
R Schmidt, S Pandey, P Fiorenza, DC Sinclair
RSC Advances 3 (34), 14580-14589, 2013
Screen printing of co-precipitated NiMn2O4+δ for production of NTCR thermistors
R Schmidt, A Stiegelschmitt, A Roosen, AW Brinkman
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 23 (10), 1549-1558, 2003
Increased ionic conductivity in microwave hydrothermally synthesized rare-earth doped ceria Ce1− xRExO2−(x/2)
J Prado-Gonjal, R Schmidt, J Espíndola-Canuto, P Ramos-Alvarez, ...
Journal of Power Sources 209, 163-171, 2012
Studies of the temperature and frequency dependent impedance of an electroceramic functional oxide NTC thermistor
R Schmidt, AW Brinkman
Advanced functional materials 17 (16), 3170-3174, 2007
Structure and physical properties of nickel manganite NiMn2O4 obtained from nickel permanganate precursor
A Díez, R Schmidt, AE Sagua, MA Frechero, E Matesanz, C Leon, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 30 (12), 2617-2624, 2010
Preparation and characterisation of NiMn2O4 films
R Schmidt, AW Brinkman
International Journal of Inorganic Materials 3 (8), 1215-1217, 2001
Dielectric response to the low-temperature magnetic defect structure and spin state transition in polycrystalline LaCoO3
R Schmidt, J Wu, C Leighton, I Terry
Physical Review B 79 (12), 125105, 2009
Microstructure and Electric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 Multilayer Capacitors
R Löhnert, H Bartsch, R Schmidt, B Capraro, J Töpfer
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 98 (1), 141-147, 2015
Tailoring Interface Structure in Highly Strained YSZ/STO Heterostructures
A Rivera‐Calzada, MR Diaz‐Guillen, OJ Dura, G Sanchez‐Santolino, ...
Advanced Materials, 2011
In-plane impedance spectroscopy in aerosol deposited NiMn2O4 negative temperature coefficient thermistor films
J Ryu, DS Park, R Schmidt
Journal of applied physics 109 (11), 113722, 2011
Large dielectric response to the paramagnetic-ferromagnetic transition (T C∼ 100 K) in multiferroic BiMnO3 epitaxial thin films
R Schmidt, W Eerenstein, PA Midgley
Physical Review B 79 (21), 214107, 2009
Investigation of the electronic structure of the charge-ordered phase in epitaxial and polycrystalline La1− xCaxMnO3 (x= 0.55, 0.67) perovskite manganites
R Schmidt
Physical Review B 77 (20), 205101, 2008
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