Raúl Periáñez
Raúl Periáñez
Universidad de Sevilla, Dpto Física Aplicada I
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A particle-tracking method for simulating the dispersion of non-conservative radionuclides in coastal waters
R Perianez, AJ Elliott
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A particle-tracking model for simulating pollutant dispersion in the Strait of Gibraltar
R Perianez
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R Periáñez
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M Villa, F Mosqueda, S Hurtado, J Mantero, G Manjón, R Periañez, ...
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R Periáñez
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R Periáñez
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R Periáñez
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R Periáñez
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The role of physical processes controlling the behaviour of radionuclide contaminants in the aquatic environment: a review of state-of-the-art modelling approaches
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Self-cleaning in an estuarine area formerly affected by 226Ra anthropogenic enhancements
A Absi, M Villa, HP Moreno, G Manjón, R Periañez
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Kinetic modelling of the dispersion of plutonium in the eastern Irish Sea: two approaches
R Periáñez
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Kinetic transfer coefficients for radionuclides in estuarine waters: Reference values from133Ba and effects of salinity and suspended load concentration
A Laissaoui, JM Abril, R Periáñez, MG León, EG Montaño
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Transfer of Cd, Pb, Ra and U from phosphogypsum amended soils to tomato plants
S Enamorado, JM Abril, JL Mas, R Periáñez, O Polvillo, A Delgado, ...
Water, air, and soil pollution 203 (1-4), 65-77, 2009
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