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Current developments in fluorescent PET (photoinduced electron transfer) sensors and switches
B Daly, J Ling, AP De Silva
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (13), 4203-4211, 2015
Statistical estimation of atomic positions from exit wave reconstruction with a precision in the picometer range
S Bals, S Van Aert, G Van Tendeloo, D Avila-Brande
Physical Review Letters 96 (9), 096106, 2006
Carbon hollow nanospheres from chlorination of ferrocene
NA Katcho, E Urones-Garrote, D Ávila-Brande, A Gómez-Herrero, ...
Chemistry of materials 19 (9), 2304-2309, 2007
Amorphous carbon nanostructures from chlorination of ferrocene
E Urones-Garrote, D Ávila-Brande, N Ayape-Katcho, A Gómez-Herrero, ...
Carbon 43 (5), 978-985, 2005
Microstructure and surface properties of lignocellulosic-based activated carbons
P González-García, TA Centeno, E Urones-Garrote, D Ávila-Brande, ...
Applied Surface Science 265, 731-737, 2013
High performance La0. 3Ca0. 7Cr0. 3Fe0. 7O3− δ air electrode for reversible solid oxide fuel cell applications
B Molero-Sánchez, J Prado-Gonjal, D Ávila-Brande, M Chen, E Morán, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 40 (4), 1902-1910, 2015
Nano-structured carbon obtained by chlorination of NbC
D Avila-Brande, NA Katcho, E Urones-Garrote, A Gómez-Herrero, ...
Carbon 44 (4), 753-761, 2006
Synthesis, structures and magnetic properties of the dimorphic Mn 2 CrSbO 6 oxide
AJ Dos santos-García, E Solana-Madruga, C Ritter, D Ávila-Brande, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (23), 10665-10672, 2015
Co-doped ZnS clusters and nanostructures produced by pulsed laser ablation
M Jadraque, AB Evtushenko, D Ávila-Brande, M López-Arias, V Loriot, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (10), 5416-5423, 2013
The intercalation chemistry of H2V3O8 nanobelts synthesised by a green, fast and cost-effective procedure
J Prado-Gonjal, B Molero-Sánchez, D Ávila-Brande, E Morán, ...
Journal of Power Sources 232, 173-180, 2013
Double Double Cation Order in the High‐Pressure Perovskites MnRMnSbO6
E Solana‐Madruga, ÁM Arévalo‐López, AJ Dos Santos‐García, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (32), 9340-9344, 2016
High pressure synthesis of polar and non-polar cation-ordered polymorphs of Mn 2 ScSbO 6
E Solana-Madruga, AJ Dos santos-García, AM Arévalo-López, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (47), 20441-20448, 2015
Structural Determination and Imaging of Charge Ordering and Oxygen Vacancies of the Multifunctional Oxides REBaMn2O6‐χ (RE = Gd, Tb)
D Ávila‐Brande, G King, E Urones‐Garrote, A Llobet, S García‐Martín
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (17), 2510-2517, 2014
Spherical carbon nanoparticles produced by direct chlorination of cobaltocene
E Urones-Garrote, D Ávila-Brande, NA Katcho, A Gómez-Herrero, ...
Carbon 45 (8), 1699-1701, 2007
Structural study of carbon nanomaterials prepared by chlorination of tungsten carbide and bis (cyclopentadienyl) tungsten dichloride
P González-García, E Urones-Garrote, D Ávila-Brande, A Gómez-Herrero, ...
Carbon 48 (13), 3667-3675, 2010
VO 2 F: a new transition metal oxyfluoride with high specific capacity for Li ion batteries
JC Pérez-Flores, R Villamor, D Ávila-Brande, JMG Amores, E Morán, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (41), 20508-20515, 2015
Ordering effects in the crystal structure and electrochemical properties of the Gd 0.5 Ba 0.5 Mn 0.5 Fe 0.5 O 3− δ perovskite
D Muñoz-Gil, D Ávila-Brande, E Urones-Garrote, S García-Martín
Dalton Transactions 44 (23), 10867-10874, 2015
Electron microscopy characterization of nanostructured carbon obtained from chlorination of metallocenes and metal carbides
D Avila-Brande, E Urones-Garrote, NA Katcho, E Lomba, ...
Micron 38 (4), 335-345, 2007
Synthesis, structural and microstructural study of Bi4W0. 5Ti0. 5O8X (X= Cl, Br) Sillén–Aurivillius intergrowths
D Ávila-Brande, A Gómez-Herrero, ÁR Landa-Cánovas, LC Otero-Díaz
Solid state sciences 7 (5), 486-496, 2005
Mechanosensitive gold colloidal membranes mediated by supramolecular interfacial self-assembly
JP Coelho, MJ Mayoral, L Camacho, MT Martín-Romero, G Tardajos, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (3), 1120-1128, 2017
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