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Generation of biogas from coffee-pulp and cow-dung co-digestion: Infrared studies of postcombustion emissions
G Corro, L Paniagua, U Pal, F Bañuelos, M Rosas
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Selective alcohols production through CO2 photoreduction using Co3O4/TiO2 photocatalyst exploiting synergetic interactions between Ti3+, Co2+ and Co3+
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Effect of the electronic state of Cu, Ag, and Au on diesel soot abatement: performance of Cu/ZnO, Ag/ZnO, and Au/ZnO catalysts
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Total Oxidation of Methane Over Sulfur Poisoning Resistant Pt/ZrO2 Catalyst: Effect of Pt2+–Pt4+ and Pt2+–Zr4+ Dipoles at Metal-Support Interface
R Torralba, G Corro, F Rosales, F Bañuelos, U Pal, O Olivares-Xometl, ...
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The effect of Sn on the electronic state of M/γ-Al₂O₃ (M= Pd, Pt) catalysts and the influence in the catalytic combustion of methane
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G Corro, JLG Fierro, R Montiel, F Bañuelos
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