Jorge Ignacio Martínez-Araya
Jorge Ignacio Martínez-Araya
Associate Professor (UNAB)
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An Electrostatic Interaction Correction for Improved Crystal Density Prediction
P Politzer, J Martínez, JS Murray, MC Concha, A Toro-Labbé
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JI Martínez-Araya
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JI Martínez-Araya
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Computational nutraceutics: chemical reactivity properties of the flavonoid naringin by means of conceptual DFT
JI Martínez-Araya, G Salgado-Morán, D Glossman-Mitnik
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The Dual Descriptor to Measure Local Reactivity on Buckminster Fullerenes: An Analysis Within the Framework of Conceptual DFT
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Explaining reaction mechanisms using the dual descriptor: a complementary tool to the molecular electrostatic potential
JI Martínez-Araya
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Effect of the exchange–correlation functional on the synchronicity/nonsynchronicity in bond formation in Diels–Alder reactions: a reaction force constant analysis
D Yepes, J Valenzuela, JI Martínez-Araya, P Pérez, P Jaque
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (14), 7412-7428, 2019
Reaction electronic flux as a fluctuation of relative interatomic electronic populations
JI Martı́nez-Araya, A Toro-Labbé
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (6), 3040-3049, 2015
Explaining some anomalies in catalytic activity values in some zirconocene methyl cations: local hyper-softness
JI Martínez-Araya
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The Mechanism of Ethylene Polymerization Reaction Catalyzed by Group IVB Metallocenes. A Rational Analysis Through the Use of Reaction Force
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A theoretical assessment of antioxidant capacity of flavonoids by means of local hyper–softness
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Towards the rationalization of catalytic activity values by means of local hyper-softness on the catalytic site: a criticism about the use of net electric charges
JI Martínez-Araya, A Grand, D Glossman-Mitnik
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (44), 29764-29775, 2015
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