Gregorio Cadenas Pliego
Gregorio Cadenas Pliego
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Application of nanoelements in plant nutrition and its impact in ecosystems
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The Application of Selenium and Copper Nanoparticles Modifies the Biochemical Responses of Tomato Plants under Stress by Alternaria solani
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Se nanoparticles induce changes in the growth, antioxidant responses, and fruit quality of tomato developed under NaCl stress
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Application of intensified Fenton oxidation to the treatment of sawmill wastewater
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Effect of three nanoparticles (Se, Si and Cu) on the bioactive compounds of bell pepper fruits under saline stress
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Cu nanoparticles in hydrogels of chitosan-PVA affects the characteristics of post-harvest and bioactive compounds of jalapeño pepper
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Form of silica improves yield, fruit quality and antioxidant defense system of tomato plants under salt stress
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Study of three different families of water-soluble copolymers: synthesis, characterization and viscoelastic behavior of semidilute solutions of polymers prepared by solution …
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High-Tg Functional Aromatic Polymers
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