d. lardizabal, daniel lardizabal-gutierrez,d.lardizabal gutierrez, d.l.gutierrez
d. lardizabal, daniel lardizabal-gutierrez,d.lardizabal gutierrez, d.l.gutierrez
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Novel carbon dioxide solid acceptors using sodium containing oxides
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Electrical properties of the perovskite Y0. 9Sr0. 1CoO3− δ prepared by a solution method
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Experimental and modeling kinetic study of the CO
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Communication—Synthesis of Self-Doped Metal-Free Electrocatalysts from Waste Leather with High ORR Activity
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Shape and size controlled growth of SnO2 nano-particles by efficient approach
FC Vásquez, F Paraguay-Delgado, JE Morales-Mendoza, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 90, 274-287, 2016
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