Shahriar Ghamami
Shahriar Ghamami
Associate Professor in Chemistry, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, IRAN
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Tetramethylammonium fluorochromate (VI): a new and efficient oxidant for organic substrates
AR Mahjoub, S Ghammami, MZ Kassaee
Tetrahedron Letters 44 (24), 4555-4557, 2003
Preparation of Zinc (II) and Cadmium (II) Complexes of the Tetradentate Schiff Base Ligand 2-((E)-(2-(2-(pyridine-2-yl)-ethylthio) ethylimino) methyl)-4-bromophenol (PytBrsalH)
LA Saghatforoush, A Aminkhani, S Ershad, G Karimnezhad, ...
Molecules 13 (4), 804-811, 2008
Synthesis, characterization and anti-tumour activity of Iron (III) Schiff base complexes with unsymmetric tetradentate ligands
F Shabani, LA Saghatforoush, S Ghammamy
Bulletin of the Chemical society of Ethiopia 24 (2), 2010
Enthalpies of transfer of acetonitrile from water to aqueous methanol, ethanol and dimethylsulphoxide mixtures at 298.15 K
GR Behbehani, S Ghammamy, WE Waghorne
Thermochimica acta 448 (1), 37-40, 2006
Synthesis of a new dithiocarbamate compound and Study of Its biological properties
H Nabipour, S Ghammamy, S Ashuri, ZS Aghbolaghc
J. Org. Chem 2, 75-80, 2010
Solid phase extraction of Cd (II) using mesoporous organosilicas and determination by FAAS
A Moghimi, R Ghiasi, A Abedin, S Ghammamy
African Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry 3 (3), 051-059, 2009
Synthesis of a new dithiocarbamate cobalt complex and its nanoparticles with the study of their biological properties
H Nabipour, S Ghammamy, A Rahmani
Micro & Nano Letters 6 (4), 217-220, 2011
Tripropylammonium fluorochromate (TriPAFC): A convenient new reagent for oxidation of organic substrates
S Ghammamy, A Hashemzadeh
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 25 (8), 1277-1279, 2004
Tetrabutylammonium fluorochromate (VI)(TBFAC): A mild and efficient reagent for oxidation of organic substrates
S Ghammami, SAS Sajadi
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 70 (11), 1243-1248, 2005
Density functional theory studies on the structure, vibrational spectra of three new tetrahalogenoferrate (III) complexes
S Ghammamy, K Mehrani, S Rostamzadehmansor, H Sahebalzamani
Natural Science 3 (8), 683-688, 2011
CaF2 nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization
K Tahvildari, PM ESMAEILI, S Ghammamy, H Nabipour
International Journal of Nano Dimension (IJND) 2 (48), 269-273, 2012
A novel synthesis of tetramethylammonium trioxyfluorochromate (VI)
AR Mahjoub, S Ghammami, AR Abbasi, A Hossainian
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2000
Crystal structure and density functional theory study on structural properties and energies of a isonicotinohydrazide compound
H Sahebalzamani, N Khaligh, S Ghammamy, F Salimi, K Mehrani
Molecules 16 (9), 7715-7724, 2011
A new equation to reproduce the enthalpies of transfer of formamide, N-methylformamide and N, N-dimethylformamide from water to aqueous methanol mixtures at 298 K
GR Behbehani, S Ghamamy
Thermochimica acta 444 (1), 71-74, 2006
Oxidative coupling of thiols to disulfides in solution and under microwave radiation with tripropylammonium chlorochromate
S Ghammamy, M Tajbakhsh
Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 26 (2), 145-148, 2005
Tributylammonium chlorochromate,(C4H9) 3NH [CrO3Cl](TriBACC): A new, mild and stable oxidant for organic substrates
S Ghammamy, M Mazareey
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 70 (5), 687-693, 2005
Tetrapropylammonium bromochromate and tetrabutylammonium bromochromate [NR4] CrO3Br,(R= Pr, Bu): two new and efficient reagents for oxidation of alcohols
S Ghammamy, K Mehrani, H Afrand, M Hajighahrammani
J. Pure Appl. Chem 1 (1), 008-010, 2007
Oxidation of some organic thiols with tetramethylammonium fluorochromate (VI)
H Imanieh, S Ghamami, MK Mohammadi, A Jangjoo
Russian Journal of General Chemistry 77 (2), 282-284, 2007
Oxidation of alcohols with tetramethylammonium fluorochromate in aceticoi acid
B Sadeghy, S Ghammami
Russian journal of general chemistry 75 (12), 1886-1888, 2005
Three new tetraalkylammonium bromochromates, NR4 [CrO3Br],(R= Et, Hex, Hep): Mild and efficient reagents for oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols
S Ghammamy, K Mehrani, H Afrand, Z Javanshir, G REZAEIBÉHBAHANI, ...
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society 54 (4), 491-493, 2009
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