Alejandro Vasquez-Espinal
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Coaxial Triple‐Layered versus Helical Be6B11 Clusters: Dual Structural Fluxionality and Multifold Aromaticity
JC Guo, LY Feng, YJ Wang, S Jalife, A Vásquez‐Espinal, JL Cabellos, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (34), 10174-10177, 2017
Minimizing the risk of reporting false aromaticity and antiaromaticity in inorganic heterocycles following magnetic criteria
JJ Torres-Vega, A Vásquez-Espinal, J Caballero, ML Valenzuela, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 53 (7), 3579-3585, 2014
Li2B12 and Li3B12: Prediction of the Smallest Tubular and Cage‐like Boron Structures
X Dong, S Jalife, A Vásquez‐Espinal, E Ravell, S Pan, JL Cabellos, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (17), 4627-4631, 2018
Theoretical study of the antioxidant activity of quercetin oxidation products
A Vásquez-Espinal, O Yañez, E Osorio, C Areche, O García-Beltrán, ...
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 818, 2019
Li 2 B 24: the simplest combination for a three-ring boron tube
X Dong, S Jalife, A Vásquez-Espinal, J Barroso, M Orozco-Ic, E Ravell, ...
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Exploiting electronic strategies to stabilize a planar tetracoordinate carbon in cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
O Yañez, A Vásquez-Espinal, R Pino-Rios, F Ferraro, S Pan, E Osorio, ...
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Planar hexacoordinate carbons: Half covalent, half ionic
L Leyva‐Parra, L Diego, O Yañez, D Inostroza, J Barroso, ...
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Revisiting aromaticity and chemical bonding of fluorinated benzene derivatives
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Theoretical design of stable small aluminium–magnesium binary clusters
E Osorio, A Vasquez, E Florez, F Mondragon, KJ Donald, W Tiznado
Physical chemistry chemical physics 15 (6), 2222-2229, 2013
Evaluation of restricted probabilistic cellular automata on the exploration of the potential energy surface of Be6B11
O Yañez, D Inostroza, B Usuga-Acevedo, A Vásquez-Espinal, ...
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 139, 1-8, 2020
Carbon rings decorated with group 14 elements: New aromatic clusters containing planar tetracoordinate carbon
O Yañez, A Vásquez-Espinal, R Báez-Grez, WA Rabanal-León, E Osorio, ...
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On the NICS limitations to predict local and global current pathways in polycyclic systems
D Inostroza, V García, O Yañez, JJ Torres-Vega, A Vásquez-Espinal, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 45 (18), 8345-8351, 2021
Embedding a Planar Hypercoordinate Carbon Atom into a [4n+ 2] π‐System
O Yañez, R Báez‐Grez, J Garza, S Pan, J Barroso, A Vásquez‐Espinal, ...
ChemPhysChem 21 (2), 145-148, 2020
Theobroma cacao L. compounds: Theoretical study and molecular modeling as inhibitors of main SARS-CoV-2 protease
O Yañez, MI Osorio, C Areche, A Vasquez-Espinal, J Bravo, ...
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 140, 111764, 2021
Chemical bonding analysis in boron clusters by means of localized orbitals according to the electron localization function topology
OB Oña, JJ Torres-Vega, A Torre, L Lain, DR Alcoba, A Vásquez-Espinal, ...
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 134, 1-9, 2015
(Li6Si5)2–5: The Smallest Cluster‐Assembled Materials Based on Aromatic Si56− Rings
O Yañez, V Garcia, J Garza, W Orellana, A Vásquez‐Espinal, W Tiznado
Chemistry–A European Journal 25 (10), 2467-2471, 2019
New Insights into Re3(μ-Cl)3Cl6 Aromaticity. Evidence of σ- and π-Diatropicity
A Vásquez-Espinal, R Pino-Rios, L Alvarez-Thon, WA Rabanal-León, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 (21), 4326-4330, 2015
Insights into the hydrogen dissociation mechanism on lithium edge-decorated carbon rings and graphene nanoribbon
A Vásquez-Espinal, R Pino-Rios, P Fuentealba, W Orellana, W Tiznado
international journal of hydrogen energy 41 (13), 5709-5715, 2016
Theoretical Prediction of Structures, Vibrational Circular Dichroism, and Infrared Spectra of Chiral Be4B8 Cluster at Different Temperatures
CE Buelna-García, E Robles-Chaparro, T Parra-Arellano, ...
Molecules 26 (13), 3953, 2021
E5M7+ (E=C–Pb, M=Li–Cs): A Source of Viable Star‐Shaped Clusters
A Vásquez‐Espinal, K Palacio‐Rodríguez, E Ravell, M Orozco‐Ic, ...
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 13 (13), 1751-1755, 2018
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