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Computational simulations of the molecular structure and corrosion properties of amidoethyl, aminoethyl and hydroxyethyl imidazolines inhibitors
LM Rodríguez-Valdez, W Villamisar, M Casales, JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, ...
Corrosion science 48 (12), 4053-4064, 2006
Effect of heat treatment on H2S corrosion of a micro-alloyed C–Mn steel
MA Lucio-Garcia, JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M Casales, L Martinez, ...
Corrosion Science 51 (10), 2380-2386, 2009
Effect of microstructure on the stress corrosion cracking of X-80 pipeline steel in diluted sodium bicarbonate solutions
JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M Casales, VM Salinas-Bravo, JL Albarran, ...
Corrosion 58 (7), 584-590, 2002
Effect of inorganic inhibitors on the corrosion behavior of 1018 carbon steel in the LiBr+ ethylene glycol+ H2O mixture
E Samiento-Bustos, JGG Rodriguez, J Uruchurtu, G Dominguez-Patiño, ...
Corrosion Science 50 (8), 2296-2303, 2008
CO2 corrosion inhibition of X-120 pipeline steel by a modified imidazoline under flow conditions
DM Ortega-Toledo, JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M Casales, L Martinez, ...
Corrosion Science 53 (11), 3780-3787, 2011
CO2 corrosion inhibition by hydroxyethyl, aminoethyl, and amidoethyl imidazolines in water–oil mixtures
W Villamizar, M Casales, JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, L Martinez
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 11 (5), 619-629, 2007
Effect of heat treatment on the stress corrosion cracking of alloy 690
M Casales, VM Salinas-Bravo, A Martinez-Villafane, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 332 (1-2), 223-230, 2002
Study of molten salt corrosion of HK-40m alloy applying linear polarization resistance and conventional weight loss techniques
C Cuevas-Arteaga, J Uruchurtu-Chavarın, J Porcayo-Calderon, ...
Corrosion Science 46 (11), 2663-2679, 2004
Wear performance of TiC as reinforcement of a magnesium alloy matrix composite
L Falcon-Franco, E Bedolla-Becerril, J Lemus-Ruiz, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 42 (2), 275-279, 2011
Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of Ni–Co–B coatings in simulated PEMFC environment
SA Gamboa, JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, E Valenzuela, B Campillo, ...
Electrochimica Acta 51 (19), 4045-4051, 2006
Corrosion performance of heat resistant alloys in Na2SO4–V2O5 molten salts
JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, S Haro, A Martinez-Villafane, VM Salinas-Bravo, ...
Materials science and engineering: A 435, 258-265, 2006
Effect of microstructure on the sulphide stress cracking susceptibility of a high strength pipeline steel
E Ramírez, JG González-Rodriguez, A Torres-Islas, S Serna, B Campillo, ...
Corrosion Science 50 (12), 3534-3541, 2008
Electrochemical technique applied to evaluate the hydrogen permeability in microalloyed steels
S Serna, H Martinez, SY López, JG González-Rodríguez, JL Albarrán
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 30 (12), 1333-1338, 2005
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy investigation of alloy inconel 718 in molten salts at high temperature
JL Trinstancho-Reyes, M Sanchez-Carrillo, R Sandoval-Jabalera, ...
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci 6 (2), 419-431, 2011
Fractal analysis of the corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in a bromide solution by lithium chromate
E Sarmiento, JG González-Rodriguez, J Uruchurtu, O Sarmiento, ...
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci 4 (1), 144-155, 2009
Corrosion behaviour of aluminium metal matrix composites reinforced with TiC processed by pressureless melt infiltration
A Albiter, A Contreras, M Salazar, JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 36 (3), 303-308, 2006
Protocol: fine-tuning of a Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) protocol in tomato
MM Ricardi, RM González, ND Iusem
Plant Methods 6 (1), 11, 2010
Effect of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of X-70 pipeline steel in diluted NaHCO3 solutions at different heat treatments
A Torres-Islas, VM Salinas-Bravo, JL Albarran, JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 30 (12), 1317-1322, 2005
Improvement on the corrosion protection of conductive polymers in pemfc environmets by adhesives
JG Gonzalez-Rodriguez, MA Lucio-Garcia, ME Nicho, R Cruz-Silva, ...
Journal of power Sources 168 (1), 184-190, 2007
Atypical epigenetic mark in an atypical location: cytosine methylation at asymmetric (CNN) sites within the body of a non-repetitive tomato gene
RM González, MM Ricardi, ND Iusem
BMC plant biology 11 (1), 94, 2011
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